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​​7 Women Share The Most Ridiculous Pharmacy Problems They've Ever Had

i used to be identified with Crohn’s sickness when i was definitely 7 years vintage. at the time, all I knew changed into that i used to be ill and needed to get higher so I should begin 2nd grade on time.

Now that I’m 32, I’ve discovered that occasionally, the physical signs and symptoms of a continual infection are really less complex to control than all the office paintings, insurance stuff, too-prolonged wait instances at the medical doctor accompanied via too-short in-individual visits, and, of route, seeking to get the medicine you need, while you want it, in an quantity you can clearly come up with the money for to pay.

For me, that has meant whole emotional breakdowns—on greater than 5 activities—at the pharmacy counter, begging for my remedy, after which calling the coverage corporation and, yet again, begging for them to discover some thing approval they wanted (because of the truth I swear my medical doctor despatched in that prescription) so that you can fill it for me. because of the fact whilst you’re ill, whether it’s with a cold or a chronic, debilitating infection, the simplest difficulty that topics is getting higher—and usually that’s a multi-step system.

There are an entire lot of hoops to jump through, battles to pick, and those to cause with on the subject of getting proper care.

I understand I’m now not the exceptional one with irritating, happing, crazy, or quirky memories from the pharmacy counter. So here are six greater.

 i used to be given approximately-to-expire transport manipulate
“I picked up my start manipulate at the pharmacy and, via default, study the instructions and the label due to the fact i've a addiction of studying the whole thing. My tablet, which came in a 90-day %, had an expiration date—one month away! I proper away ran lower lower back to the pharmacist and showed it to her. She become very excellent and speedy have been given me a modern day one. I’m not certain who dropped that ball, but I’m satisfied I caught it. PSA, women and gentlemen, usually look at the label!” —Jeri k., the huge apple, large apple (for added ease of mind with out decreased sensitivity, stock up on LELO Hex Condoms from the girls's fitness Boutique.)

 My pharmacist didn’t get the severity of my ailment
“I requested the pharmacist to affirm that the medicine i was given have become truly gluten-loose because of the truth i have Celiac sickness—sure, definitely identified with the aid of a expert—and her answer became, ‘well even though it does, it’s only a small tablet, so it would handiest be a touch bit.’ Um... yeah...” —Erica R., Philadelphia, PA

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 My pharmacist is basically my BFF
“I’ve been really sick for the past few months, so at this point, the pharmacist and pharmacy tech at my neighborhood CVS have memorized my call, date of beginning, and my address. They express regret in the event that they neglect a unmarried piece of it. They’re exquisite great and continually ask about my existence—which isn’t a problem, however it certainly seems to weird out the opposite customers in line. Granted, I did scare taken into consideration considered one of them when I begged them to fill out my medicine ASAP because of the truth I desired it desperately. It became prescribed for nausea and that i couldn’t prevent throwing up—however i discovered out later that it’s definitely an antipsychotic. I suppose he became involved i used to be losing it right there at the counter, however in fact i was honestly sick of puking!” —Carly M., Boston, MA

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 I were given the side eye at the identical time as buying a pregnancy check
“I once went to get a being pregnant test with truely one of my high-quality man pals. He’s married, but I wasn’t at the time, and changed into freaking out that my boyfriend (no longer my high-quality buddy) might probably have knocked me up. due to the fact the girl at the check in rang me up, I caught her looking at my buddy’s marriage ceremony ring—and my lack of one—and he or she raised an eyebrow excessive into her hairline. It possibly didn’t help that my pal additionally picked up the tab. We walked away and discovered out we didn’t certainly assume that transaction thru!” —Wendy Z., San Francisco, CA

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 i was denied my medication
“i used to be in Florida and went to pick out up my three-month prescription of Klonopin at Walgreens. They wouldn’t deliver it to me because of the truth, as they stated they ‘Don’t promote avenue pills here.’ I laughed, walked out, and haven’t visited a Walgreens for prescription purposes for the reason that. And let me can help you understand, I’m positive avenue capsules are manner extra a laugh than the lowest viable dosage of Klonopin!” —Jenny P., Philadelphia, PA

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 I had to verify to all of us spherical me that I knew how my begin manage prescription worked
“I’ll always recollect the pharmacist who stood within the lower back of his desk in desire to coming near the counter, forcing me to scream what my prescription changed into for—and, of path, it end up my month-to-month transport manipulate. And of path there has been a line 4 humans deep being attentive to the complete conversation of, ‘even as did you order it? What’s your last name another time? And what’s it for? Do you understand the way to use it?’ so much for privacy!” —Caitlyn P., San Diego, CA

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