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Here's The Truth About Whether You Can Get Pregnant On Your Period

urgent care or ER? this is the Q you currently face while a medical disaster moves—and a latest survey through CityMD observed that 89 percentage of human beings could head to the ER for issues that would be treated at an urgent-care medical institution. the ones unnecessary ER visits upload up: Wait instances can be hours longer, and care can cost heaps of bucks greater. Use our cheat sheet to determine the proper destination for commonplace ailments.

 damaged bone
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urgent CARE
Suspect you broke a peripheral bone (foot, ankle, wrist, finger)? pressing-care medical doctors can X-ray it and put on a brief splint, then refer you to an orthopedic M.D. for observe-up care and (if wished) a protracted-time period cast.

Hit up the ER for a damaged long bone (arm or leg) or centralized one (cranium, neck, hip), any wreck that restricts blood go with the flow (it will experience numb), or a fracture in which the bone is sticking out of your skin—you will want a cast and probably surgery.

(learn how bone broth let you lose weight with ladies's health's Bone Broth food regimen.)

 abdominal pain
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urgent CARE
select this if a previously diagnosed gut trouble (such as IBS or acid reflux disease) is making you greater miz than common and your primary-care M.D. is booked solid.

A severe, out-of-the-blue belly ouch can sign appendicitis, kidney stones, or inflammation inside the gallbladder, liver, or pancreas. ER medical doctors have high-tech system (CT scanners, MRIs) to identity the purpose—and powerful painkillers to make you extra cozy. (watch out for those 4 signs your constipation warrants a journey to the ER.)

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 Fever and vomiting
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pressing CARE
A temp of as much as 102.five°F, without or with vomiting, is probable a temporary worm or the flu. you could journey it out, or if signs and symptoms closing longer than 24 hours, see an urgent-care doctor for anti-nausea meds to keep away from dehydration.

Hightail it here if that excessive temp and puking come with sharp abdominal ache or a headache. the previous can sign gallbladder troubles (which may additionally require surgery); the latter, meningitis (ER M.D.s can verify with a spinal tap).

Watch a hot document give an explanation for why your bruise may not heal:

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urgent CARE
these doctors can smooth out a shallow reduce (you cannot see muscle or bone) with an antiseptic to prevent infection, then seal the rims with stitches or clinical glue, even on your face.

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If you could see bone or the bleeding hasn't stopped after 15 minutes of strain, head right here. Ditto puncture wounds (e.g., you stepped on a nail or an animal bit you); superior imaging equipment let ER doctors test for damage to nerves, arteries, or veins.

this text at first appeared inside the July/August 2017 problem of girls's health. For extra fantastic recommendation, pick out up a replica of the issue on newsstands now!

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